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AB Poultry and Waterfowl. 2023

Large Light Sussex

Large Black Minorcas

Location: Fermoy. Cork
Phone: 0879467119

Ahmad. Ali. 2020.

I breed pakistani aseel birds, jap shamos and taiwan shamos.

Location: Tipperary South
Phone: 0894955513

Alan45. 2019.

large Fowl Breeds:


Lavender leghorns

White silkies

Location: Leitrim
Phone: 0876252103

Alexs Birds. 2021.

Description: Breeder of the following birds..

Not all breeds available are listed as this changes daily

LARGE FOWL-Various traditional breeds

Rhode Island red, Welsummer, leghorn, Orpington etc

BANTAMS- Seramas, Belguim d anvers, Gold dutch, Japanese, Rosecomb etc

QUAIL- Bobwhite, Chinese painted, Coturnix, Californian

PEAFOWL-Indian blue, Pied, White, Black shouldered, Java Green

ORNAMENTAL DUCKS- Various breeds Mandarins, Carolinas, wigeon, pintail etc

ORNAMENTAL AND DOMESTIC GEESE- Red breasted, Barnacle, Exhibition Toulouse

DOMESTIC DUCK BREEDS- Indian runner, Cayugas,abacot etc..


Call ducks and a few domestic breeds (campbells, indian runners).

Location: Kilkeel, Co. Down.
Phone: 07514270343

Anderson. Danny. 2020

We breed the following
Rhode island reds, Cream legbars, Copper Gold Marans, Swedish flower, Silkies & Golden Appenzeller.

Location: Longford, Granard
Phone: 0864666776

Armitage, Neil. UK. 2023.

Breed small quantities of Barnevelders, some wyandottes, Light Sussex and a few other oddities.

Now also Aylesbury hybrid ducks.

See the website for availability.

contact by email first please

Location: Yorkshire. UK

Location: Yorkshire. UK
Phone: 00441535654417

Ballygannon. 2022

Barred Plymouth Rocks

Location: Wicklow

Bayley. Alex. 2020

Buff orpington large fowl (out of show stock )

Gold bramahas large fowl (out of show stock )

White pekins bantams (out of show stock )

Lavender pekins bantams

Ducks :

Chocolate muscoveys

Call ducks various colours

Indian runners

Will also have a variety of cross breeds and Hatching eggs,chicks,ducklings ,pullets and cocks.

Location: Wicklow
Phone: 0871944694

Bowyer. Richard. 2022

Ayam cemani
Marsh daisy
Eggs and chicks avaliable for posting couriered during breeding season.

Location: Donegal
Phone: 0864001499

Brazil. Trevor. 2018.

White call ducks, show standard,

Gold sebrights show standard

Blue dutch and gold Dutch, show standard

Hatching eggs from these breeds on request.

Also i have a stud of netherland dwarf Rabbits

Location: Waterford
Phone: 0867866510

Breathnach. Fionn. 2023

I have show quality silver Sebright fertile eggs this year


I hope to have chicks later in the year

Pictures of parents on request

Location: Cork

Buchanan. Andrew. 2021

We breed Jumbo Coturnix Quail and sell, hatching eggs, and laying hens

We have the following breeds & Colours for sale



Golden Italian



English White



Location: Mayo
Phone: 0852261911

C & C Exhibition Poultry. 2020

Rhode Island reds


Light sussex

We won BOB at the Irish National with one of the hens that is currently in our breeding pens

Location: Galway
Phone: 083 854 4153

Campion, Donal. 2022.

Ducks(cayuga,black East indie,rouen,miniature appleyard)


Geese (steinbachers,toulouse,barnacle,grey lag,bar head,emperor,white-fronted,pink foot,cackling)

Swans (black,whooper)

Ornamental ducks(mandarins,Carolinas teals,red crested pochard,

Bahamas,pintails,wigeons,whistling ducks,European shelducks,ruddy shelducks,Australian shelducks)

Peafowl (blue,pied,white,silver pied,opal,cameo,bronze,green)

Pheasants(Amhersts,goldens,reeves,Swindoe,blue eared,brown eared,tragopans,monals,Edwards,kalij,sonnerats,red junglefowl,ghost pheasants,Japanese pheasants,grey peacocks)

Quail(californian,gambles,mountain,Bob white,Chinese painted,mountain)


Bantams (large silkie,miniature silkie,black silkie,gold silkie,rose combs,Dutch,sebrights,wyandottes)

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0877749277

Crowley, Billy. 2020

Cuckoo barbu D’anvers (show quality)

White and black mottled pekins (show quality)

Cuckoo old English game bantam (show quality)

pile, brown red and birchen Modern game LF and bantam (show quality)

Silver Campines (show quality and pet quality)

White crested black polish bantams (pet quality)

Will have other breeds later in the year

Hatching eggs and birds available from time to time

Location: Cork
Phone: 0874619223

Dormer. Tom. 2020.

Cochins, black, blue & cuckoo

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0876406030

Drohan. Pat. 2022.


Rhode Island Red

Large Toulouse Geese

Location: Newcastle West. Limerick.
Phone: 0872766901

Duane, Aaron. 2020

Rhode island reds, sussex, silkie, barnvelder

Point of lay hens.

Indian runner ducks.

Laying ducks.

Red breasted geese.

Black swans.

Call anytime for more info.

Location: Loughrea, Galway
Phone: 0851182958

Eastmayo Stud. 2022

Lincolnshire Buff both sizes, Trues Japanese, Rosecomb, Belgians, bantam OEG Carlisle Oxford, RIR,Rhodebar, Goldlegbar,Brown Leghorn

Location: Mayo
Phone: 0861520659

Eugene. 2023

We breed and exhibit Old English Game and Modern Game.

The colours we keep are,

Old English Game

Polcat furnace

Dark furnace

Blue furnace

Dark red/partridge

Modern Game

Silver duckwing



Location: Carlow
Phone: 0879934138

Finn Valley Poultry. 2021.

I am hobby breeder of large Fowl Poultry

I have the following pure breeds this year

Buff Orpington

Rhode Island Red

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Cream Crested Legbar

I have hatching eggs from march till July

with chicks available from May to August

Location: Donegal
Phone: 0876776070

Flanagan Farm Fowl. 2022

Rhode Island Reds
Jersey Giants
Buff Sussex

Black Rock & Bluebells also available

Khaki Campbell
Indian Runner
Welsh Harlequin

Location: Limerick
Phone: 086 1580837

Flanagan, Oliver. 2019.

Poultry Portfolio 2019

Indian Runner Ducks, Indian Runner Drake, Khaki Campbell Ducks & Drakes,

Welsh Harlequin Duck, Welsh Harlequin Drake, Chilten Ducks, Aylesbury Duck, Aylesburyv Drake, Cayuga Ducks, Cayuga Drakes, Blue Swedish Duck, Muscovy Ducks, Muscovy Drake, Pekin Ducks, Pekin Drake, Silver Appleyard Duck & Drake.

Speckled Maran Hens, Cuckoo Maran Hens, Copper Maran Hens, Blackrock Hens, Blue Bell Hens, Buff Rock Hens, Rhode Island Hybrids, Brown Leghorn Hens, White Leghorn Hens, Silver Sussex Hen, Rhode Island Red Rooster, Welsummer Hens, Lavender Araucana Hen, Cream Legbars Hens

Embden Goose and Gander.

Grey Guinea Fowl

Bronze Turkeys.

For Sale Farm Fresh Duck and Hen Eggs.

Six Duck eggs €2.50

Six Hen Eggs €2.00

We also breed Pedigree Irish Angus and Belted Galloway Cattle.

Location: Athlone, Westmeath
Phone: 0876112938

Flicker, Chris. 2020

Pekins (mix of colours)


Barbu de Watermaels (gold & blues)

Location: Athlone, Westmeath

Flynn. Alana. 2023

polish bantams and buff Orpingtons

Visit us on Instagram @homegrowneastcork

Location: East Cork

Gareths Hatching Eggs. 2020

I breed Marans

Location: Sligo
Phone: 0830533098

Gatehouse Poultry. 2023.

Sussex- light,buff,speckled

Marans - Dark Cuckoo,copper black

Rhode Island reds

Wellsummers ( partridge)

Barnevelder- Double laced ( gold )

Wyandottes- Silver laced, gold laced, silver pencilled

Plymouth rocks- Barred

Cream crested legbars


Hatching eggs also available

Domestic ducks

Khaki Campbells


Abbcot rangers

Welsh Harliquin

Location: Tyrone
Phone: 00447788562727

Goodwin, Fionn. 2019.

I breed, sell and show high quality poultry throughout the year.

My breeds are;


Barbu danver (Quail)

Sussex (Light and Coronation)

Pekin (Gold Partridge)

Large Fowl;

Cochin (Buff)

Legbars sometimes available- good layers of blue eggs

Location: Tipperary

Gormley. Edward. 2020.

Large fowl, Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Wellsummer and Cuckoo Maran.

Bantams, Light Sussex,Wellsummer, Black Aracauna, Wyandottes ( Gold and silver laced, Barred, Black and Blue Columbian , Partridge)

All Sourced from top breeders in UK and NI.

Hatching eggs and birds available occasionally.

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0870912545

Griffin, John. 2020.

Breeding this year:

Silkies (LF), Pied Call Ducks and Gold Laced Wyandottes (LF).

May have eggs for sale also.

Location: North Kerry
Phone: 0863473489

Hathaway, Sarah. 2020

Geese: Brecon Buff

Ducks: Chocolate and white Muscovies

Large fowl: crested cream Legbar

Hatching eggs and youngsters sometimes available

Location: West Cork
Phone: 086 8120112

Heartland Stables. 2019

Specialising in French Wheaten Marans, Silver Duckwing Welsummers and Silver Laced Wyandotte’s. Some Hybrids.

Location: South Donegal
Phone: 0831892102

Hill, Patrick. 2023.


Khaki campbell.
Welsh harlequin.
White indian runner.

Location: Offaly
Phone: 0868715458

Jacek. 2020

Coturnix Quail: Live birds, hatching eggs, table eggs

Location: Kilmacrennan. Co. Donegal

Jack. 2021

I only breed large fowl white silkies

youngsters and hatching eggs available from time to time also

Location: Cork
Phone: 0871524462

James. 2021

Hybrid Rhode island red pullets

Bluebell, blackrock, leghorn, light Sussex and

Maran available around 1st of April

Location: Laois
Phone: 0857458176

Jazz-a-belle Poultry. 2023

Hatching eggs, chicks and pol rare pure breed poultry from high quality/show lines

Bantam :-

Pekin ( black mottled, lavender and white )

Booted bantam ( black, porcelain, lemon millefleurs, white, buff mottled )

Silkie ( painted and blue )

Wyandotte ( blue laced, buff laced and gold laced )

Large fowl:-

Light Sussex

Speckled Sussex

Buff Orpington



Call ducks ( mixed coloured breeding group )

Farm yard ducks ( various colours )

Embden geese

Red bourbon turkeys

Hatching service

Poultry equipment and feeds, bedding etc

Location: Mayo

Joe. 2023.

Bantam Silkie

Young chicks and Hatching eggs

Gold Laced Barnevelder LF

Young chicks and Hatching Eggs

Bantam Light Sussex

Young chicks and Hatching Eggs

March - End September

Location: Athy. Kildare.
Phone: 0876766581

Joshua. 2022

I breed Silver Partridge Pekin Bantams

I sell

Hatching eggs



Cockerels and pullets

Location: Cork

Karen. 2020

Buff Orpington hens and cockerals.

Welsh Harlequin ducks.

White Doves.

Location: Clare
Phone: 0857799183

Kelly. Shauna. 2022

USA Silkies

Top quality birds bred only.
All stunning parent birds selected for type, colour and temperament.

Can be posted or collected ( will be dispatched in polystyrene boxes) Location: Ardrahan, Co Galway.

Colours: splash, black, blue, partridge, buff and red Pyle

** Taking orders for day old chicks @ €10 each **

The USA Silkies are large fowl, they have shorter bodies, more compact round chest, larger headfeathers and more feathers on their feet than the EU standard.

More photos on Instagram @burrensilkies

Location: Galway
Phone: 0852834682

Kempson. Mick . 2022.

I breed large fowl Silver laced wyandottes, Gold laced wyandottes and Vorwerks, standard and blue.

Location: Enniscorthy, Wexford

Keoghan. Pat. 2020.

Red and Yellow Golden Pheasants

Lady Amerhirst

Location: Wexford
Phone: 0872248323

Kevin H. 2019

Cream legbar



Silver Campine

Old English Game

Call ducks


Ringed teal

Sharp wing teal

Guinea fowl- mixed colours

Grey Partridge

Location: South Tipperary
Phone: 0871171601

Kilkeel Quail. 2022

Fertile hatching eggs supplied from all breeds below

Japanese coturnix

Golden coturnix

British coturnix

White Texas

Golden jumbo giant

Chinese painted



Northern bobwhite

Mexican bobwhite

Red Tennessee bobwhite

White bobwhite

Snowflake bobwhite


Quail eggs also available for eating. £2.50 per dozen. Not fertile.

Click on website link to purchase online. Postage available nationwide.

Discount on large orders.

Follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with available birds and eggs.

Location: Kilkeel. Co. Down.
Phone: 07436893307

Kingdom Poultry. 2022

large fowl silver laced wyandottes

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0876528706

Kinghan. Chris. 2023

La Bresse Gauloise
Cream legbar
Various Hybrid coloured egg layers

As follows most 300 egg layers -Light Sussex, RIR, Amber link, Black rock, Bluebelle, Barred Rock, Skyline, White leghorn, Lavender - fertile eggs , sexed day old chicks, point of lay available

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 0851646179

Kingston. Scott. 2020

I keep show quality stock and have spare birds available seasonally.

Bantams: Dutch (gold)

Ducks: call ducks (white,blue fawn,apricot,appleyard

Location: Cork
Phone: 0873494134

Knockroe Poultry. 2022.

We keep a small number of exhibition Quality Large Fowl Chickens of the following breeds:

- Buff Orpington

- Golden Brahma

- Rhode Island Red

We tend to sell offspring towards the end of the year when they have matured and don't sell hatching eggs.

Location: Galway
Phone: 0860393171

Little Acre Farm. 2021

All large fowl.

Silver, Gold, Blue laced Wyandotte’s


Cream legbar

Have pullets for laying available and pure pullets and hatching eggs throughout the season.

Location: Wicklow
Phone: 086 8329034

Little. Mark. 2019

Large Fowl:

Cream legbar.
La bresse.
Cuckoo maran.
White leghorn.
French copper.


Bourbon red,
Norfolk black,

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0868704621

Mac Manor. 2020

Rhode island reds

Location: Carlow

Mahony. Richard. 2022


Location: Waterford
Phone: 0851662562

Mathews, Peter 2019

Breeder of Black Minorcas large

Location: Emyvale, Co. Monaghan
Phone: 086 3241272

McCord, Agnes. 2020


Abacot ranger (rare breed)

Call ducks



Silver laced wyandotte

Copper marans

Vorweck (rare breed)

All my poultry is from show stock bred from young stock. I sell hatching eggs (subject to availability) chicks, point of lay

Location: Enniskillen
Phone: 07872065447

McElligott. Grace. 2019.

Large selection of mixed breed bantams.

Pure Breed buff orpington and PB brahmas.

Listowel area

Location: Kerry
Phone: 087 1438439

McGookin. James. 2021

Peafowl,Indian Blue, male and female

Location: Antrim
Phone: +447835148095

Mcgrath. William. 2020.

We are breeding the following birds for 2020

Large fowl light Sussex

Bantam light Sussex

Bantam white silkies (show champs in 2019)

Bantam black pekins

Large fowl Welsummers

A small number of gold tops will be available

Hatching for all breeds will be available & postage will be available as well.

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0864172248

Mckee. J. 2019

Pure bred:-

Light Sussex

Black Minorca


Blue Andalusians

Light Sussex Bantams

Location: Armagh
Phone: 00447771890521

Mcknight Geoffrey. 2019

Cream legbars,
light Sussex,
Rhode Island red,
cooper maran,
buff orpingtons

Location: Drumahoe, Derry
Phone: 07578057975

McLoughlin. Fionn. 2020

I am a brahma breeder & Have the following breeds available

Large Fowl

Light Columbian

Gold partridge



Light Columbian

Bluelight Columbian

Gold partridge


I sell hatching eggs and chicks(6 to 9 weeks old)

My birds are from top quality brahma breeders in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Location: Leitrim
Phone: 0892396811

McN Poultry. 2021

Large fowl Buff white black Orpington show standard

Sussex breeds Red light speckled

Pekins silver laced bobtail and white cuckoo

Show standard white Wyandottes

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 0838286312

Miley. Jack. 2020

French Copper Marans

Buff Orpington

Gold lace Wyandotte

Sliver Barnvelders

Crested Ducks

Oliver eggs

Both hens and hatching eggs available from the list above

Location: Kildare / Wicklow
Phone: 0877607209

Neill, M & R. 2020.

Breeders of the following

Large Fowl

Light Sussex

Buff Orpington

Salmon Faverolles


Light Sussex



True bantam

Quail D'Anver

Black Rosecomb

Rare Breeds

Black Thuringian





Calls in white and mallard

We have been BOB in the major shows in England with our various breeds, as well as winning Champion and Reserve Champion in shows in Ireland and England. We pride ourselves in breeding our own stock that we show. Each year we will have stock for sale, please contact us to order stock.

Location: Portadown
Phone: +44 (0) 7710587776

Nore Valley Park Farm. 2022

We're a Pet Farm with a wide range of birds on show to our visitors.
We hatch all through the year and can hatch for people on request.
We almost always have birds for sale, esp laying hens, bantams and ducks. We also have turkeys for christmas and occasionally guinea fowl, geese, pheasants, quail and other rare breeds!
We also do educational hatching projects in schools and have a mobile farm where we bring animals to you!

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0857644100

OBoyle. Cian. 2019

Buff Orpington - won prizes at shows.

Rhode Island Red - Show Quality

Don't hesitate to email anytime.

Hatching eggs available most of the year.

Pullets available most of the year from above mentioned parents.

Location: Mayo

ONeill John. 2019.

Rosecomb true bantams usually available in early summer.

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0862400706

OSullivan. Kieran. 2020

Large fowl: Orpington (black,buff) Sussex (light)

Bantam: Yokohama (red saddled) rosecomb (black) barbu d'anver (quail) Dutch (gold,yellow) Pekin (white) Wyandotte (white) Orpington (black)

Ducks: call (white,abacot,blue fawn) Pekin (cream) Indian runner (white)

I keep show standard poultry.

Location: Cork
Phone: 0864494729

Pat. 2022

Show standard poultry for 2022


White crested black Poland

White crested blue Poland

Barred Plymouth rock bantams

Black German Langshan

Large fowl

Black silkie

Will have young stock possibly for sale during 2022. I do not breed many just a few of each breed per season. All breeds I keep hhave done well at shows.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0877455789

Paul O Shea Game Farm. 2023

Paul O Shea Game Farm is able to supply the following breed of pheasant and partridge from eggs,day old chick's and poults for the 2023 season.

Common Ring Neck





Red leg partridge

We welcome any questions/enquiries regarding orders and requirements.

Location: Mountmellick. Co. Laois
Phone: 0863201579

Pearson. Glen. 2023

Large Wyandottes.
Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Buff Laced, Gold laced, Barred, Buff, Black, Pencilled Partridge.
Blue, Blue silver Pencilled, White, Red, Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Speckled Sussex.
Rhode Island Red.
Buff Orpington.

Location: Kildare
Phone: 085 7121784

Pollock, Alan 2020

This year I will be breeding a small number of:

White leghorn

Lavender leghorn

Both large fowl

Location: Leitrim
Phone: 087 6252103

Portmore Quail. 2019

We keep and breed the following species of quail.

Bluescale quail

Mountain quail

Japanese quail

Chinese quail

Location: Antrim
Phone: 07809467620

Poulacapple Poultry. 2019

Anglo Nubian Goats and Kids

Location: Callan, Co Kilkenny
Phone: 086 8124277

Power. Tanya. 2020


Barbu d’Uccle

Only roosters are available

Location: Waterford

Rebecca 1305. 2022

Hi I have many types of birds all various prices and colours some are extremely rare

Be free to email me


Naked Neck

Bearded bantam




Mix breeds

Satin very rare

Ayam cemani

Modern game birds



Khai Campbell


Blue swedish


Location: Offaly

Robert. 2021

Description: Large fowl breeds: (2021)

Black leghorns

Exchequer leghorns

White leghorns

Blue& lavender leghorns

Black Wyandotte’s

White silkies

Red silkies

Ringneck pheasants

Guinea fowl

Poultry for sale now

Top Quality

•Black Wyandotte trio

•Black leghorn trio

•Exchequer Leghorn trio

•white leghorn pair or trio

White, black & lavender leghorn roosters also

Hatching eggs available of all the breeds we have listed can be posted!

Location: Londonderry
Phone: 07702032016

Roland. Alison. 2022

Pure bred fresian chicken hatching eggs and chicks for sale with some adults.
A very attractive and agile rare breed which is ideal for free ranging and can fly very well (to escape from predators).
Good egg producer; circa 230 per year.
Very strong chicks and high fertility rate of the eggs.
All eggs collected daily and individually dated.

Location: Castlerea, Roscommon
Phone: 0833158224

Rory 2020

I breed french copper marans.
Fertile eggs usually available

Location: Cork
Phone: 0876496143

Russell. Peter. 2020

Large fowl

Silver laced wyandotte

Golden laced wyandotte

Buff columbian wyandotte

Light sussex

French copper maran

Rhodes Island red

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0879404610

Ryan. Kieran. 2023

Large Breeds:

silkie (white)


carlsile oeg



modern game



barbu d anver

Location: Tipperary / Limerick
Phone: 0872983045

Ryan.P. 2019

I keep and breed the following Breeds.

Light Sussex,Buff Sussex,Speckled Sussex.

Barbu De'Anver,White,Black,Lavender,

White Indian Runner Ducks.

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 0872972628

Saralam. Nadja. 2023

Bresse Gauloise

Hatching eggs, day-olds, and (sometimes) young adult birds available.
The flock DNA is kept fresh as I import Bresse Gauloise eggs from reputable breeders on the Continent, and my rooster changes yearly.
My focus is on quality birds of the breed with good carcass size.

Most Irish Bresse are from a very limited bloodline tracing back to a couple of birds imported a number of years ago into Cork.
My blood lines are closely managed, and I guarantee diversity, unlike the standard Irish Bresse bird.

Location: Wicklow

Scanlon, Karl. 2019.

Large fowl: Sussex (Light, Buff), Jersey Giant (Black, Blue)

Bantam: Golden Sebright, Modern Game (Silver Duckwing)

Waterfowl: Rouen, Indian Runner (Black), Miniature Silver Appleyard, Call Ducks (Apricot Appleyard/ butterscotch)

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0879283532

Scullion. Aidan. 2019

A large range of poultry for sale all year round.
We keep both hybrid and purebred poultry and also have a large range of ducks.
We will also have a range of Scottish, English and welsh birds for sale in February.

Currently for sale at the minute

10 light Sussex hens and two roosters. Show quality.

5 black leghorn pullets.

3 pairs of splash leghorn.

3 pairs of Japanese.

1 trio exchequer leghorn.

I blue leghorn hen.

1 bantam white leghorn pullet.

pair of silver Sussex.

5 Ancona pullets.

5 speckled Sussex.

5 black aurancana.

10 barnvelder pullets.

Location: Glenarm, Antrim
Phone: 07857516201

Seanmhor Poultry. 2022.

Cream legbars

Mixed bantams

Rhode Island reds.

If you are interested in any eggs, chicks or adult birds please text only.

Text only please 0879289031

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 0879289031

Shanahan. Grace. 2022

We breed and sell USA Silkies.
Colours available are Black, White, Blue, Splash, Buff,Red Pyle, Paint, Chocolate and Chocolate paint.
All my parent birds come from UK and European bloodlines.
Chicks Available throughout the year.
I also have females available which are sexed through dna sexing.
Our Facebook page is Blakestown Poultry

Location: Kildare

Shearwater Poultry 2019

Breeder of the following show quality birds in 2019

White crested black Poland Bantams

Black German Langshan Bantams

White Silkie Bantams

Birds sometimes available for sale.

I do not sell hatching eggs

Location: Cork
Phone: 0877455789

Shiels, Pat. 2023.

breeder of pomeranian geese, pearl guinea fowl & brown leghorns

Hatching eggs for sale when available

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 0860636420

Springwell Poultry. 2021

Breeders of exhibition quality bantam fowl

Pekins (Black/Blue/Splash)

Booted Bantam (Porcelain)

Ohiki (Black breasted Red)

Modern Game (Pyle/Silver Duckwing/Gold Duckwing)


Miniature Silver Appleyard


Excess stock advertised on Facebook/Sales forum

Location: Wicklow

Taylor, Graeme. 2022


Gold brahma

Buff Orpington

Cream legbar



Location: Leitrim
Phone: 0879623548

The Chicken World. 2019

I am breeding Swedish Flower Hens.

We keep only bloodlines from Austria and Skane, Sweden and keep as close as possible to the swedish Genbank guidelines regarding breeding of Swedish Flower Hens

I have a Facebook page as well called The Chicken World

Location: Mayo

The Lane Cottage. 2023

I have fertile eggs from the following breeds

1. sablepoot bantams

2. Ayam cemani

3. Usa Silkies

4. Silver sebright bantas

5. Gold sebright bantams

6. Pekins

7. White & Brown call duck

8. Chinese geese

Location: Listowel. Co. Kerry.
Phone: 0877994226

Tom. 2019.

Large and bantam Goldtop

Small amount of quality bantam Light Sussex

Small amount of quality large White Silkie

Location: Laois.
Phone: 0851822583

Tony B. 2020.

We are a hobby keeper and currently breed the following with occasional surplus birds for sale:

Buff Orpington LF

German Langshans Bantam

Embden geese

We don’t produce for market and if we have surplus they are advertised in the for sale section and on various Facebook forums.

Location: Wicklow

Watson. Chloe. 2022

I have the following:

Gold laced Barnevelders

Silver laced wyandottes

Buff Orpingtons

Hatching eggs available all year round

Birds available spring and autumn

Location: Tyrone
Phone: 07950444289

Whitegate Poultry. 2023

Whitegate poultry breeding list 2023




Will have stock available April/May. All top quality stock from UK/German lines.

Location: Cavan
Phone: 0871612651

Whyte. Stephen. 2022

Naked Necks (lf) and bantam

Scott's dumpy (white & Black)

Crested Cream Legbar

White Orpington

Plymouth Barred Rock

Olive Eggers

Sussex x silkies (makes good clockers)

Location: Armagh
Phone: 07748255250