Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Please read all of the forum rules before posting or commenting. If you find that a post or comment of yours has been removed, you should find the reason why below.

  1. No textspeak, no CAPSLOCK, and please use proper sentences and punctuation.
  2. No picking fights, stirring up trouble, or inciting disagreements or arguments of any kind.
  3. No disrespecting other forum users.
  4. No profanity or insulting language, no pseudo swearing such as 'sh*t', and no derogatory attacks. This includes calling someone stupid, an idiot, or worse.
  5. No naming and shaming. If you have a problem with a forum user or a business, take it up with them directly - off the forum.
  6. No starting a post for personal communications - that's what Private Messaging is for. If a user is not registered, that's their choice.
  7. No posting private details of other individuals on the forums. This means no "Do you have so and so's number..." posts. If you want someone's number, send a private message to a forum user who you think might have it.
  8. No advertising, marketing, or self-promotion of any kind on the forums. The sole exception to this is the sale of birds and used poultry products in the Market Place forum. Likewise, all wanted ads ("Does anyone have...") belong in the Wanted forum.
  9. Stay on topic. That topic is poultry. Unless you're posting in The Off Topic Forum, in which case, have at it.
  10. Extra rules apply to the For Sale and Wanted forums. Please read those forum's rules before posting or commenting there: For Sale Forum Rules, Wanted Forum Rules
  11. All posts must be given a descriptive title. Rule of thumb: if your title is less than five words, it's probably not descriptive enough.
  12. No back seat moderation. The moderators moderate the forum, not you. If you have an issue with something a forum user says, send a private message to a moderator via the links on the left. Do not take it upon yourself to berate or criticise another forum user for their behaviour.
  13. If a moderator closes a topic, discussion of that topic is over and should not be re-started or resumed elsewhere.
  14. Users may only open and use one forum account. There is no reason for anyone to have multiple accounts. If a user wishes to change their username, they should notify a moderator first, and only open a new account when they have been given permission.
  15. Two or more forum users posting from the same computer or home will always be open to the charge of being the same person unless they themselves make their independence clear.
  16. If you know another forum user is accessing the forum from your computer or home, you have a responsibility to ensure they are not abusing the forum rules, as their abuse may reflect on you and may result in action being taken against you as well as them should they break the rules.
  17. Users who are banned from posting on the Irish Fowl forums are not allowed to create new user accounts for the purposes of getting around their ban. Any attempt to do so will lead to a permanent ban.
  18. Repeat offenders who post disruptive or obscene comments will be reported to their Internet Service Provider for infringement of their terms and conditions, and may find their internet connection cut off. Try explaining that letter to your Mother or wife.

These are the rules of the Irish Fowl forums. Breaking these rules may result in your post or comment being deleted, or in you facing a temporary or permanent ban from the forums and from the Irish Fowl site.