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Irish Fowl is Ireland's top poultry website. The site is owned & managed by MacEoin General Merchants Ltd, Dingle, Co. Kerry. Irelands largest supplier of Egg Incubators & Poultry Equipment for the smallholder & commercial poultry farmer.

The Irish Fowl web site is constructed in such a way that even novice Internet users should be able to find what they are looking for, take part in discussions, buy and sell their birds & buy Incubators, Poultry & Gamebird Equipment and other Poultry Keeping Supplies.

The navigation area at the top of the page provides links to the different sections of the site: the main forums, the buy and sell forums, bring and buy sales, as well as our comprehensive Irish Breeder's Directory.

The left sidebar provides easy access to a range of features, beginning with links to each individual forum. We currently have 6 forums:

  • General Poultry Chat
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  • Poultry For Sale
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  • The Off Topic Forum

Below this, you can access your account and your Private Messages. If you have not opened an account yet, you should do so, otherwise you will not be able to make new posts or comment on buy and sell ads.

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You should fill in the second section on the page, marked "Register New Account". To start a new post, you need to open the particular forum you want your post to appear on from the list above, and use the New Post form at the bottom of the page.

The left sidebar also contains links to popular posts of the past few days, and the right sidebar contains links to post that have been recently commented on.

Before starting new posts, you should familiarise yourself with the site and ensure you know what is allowed and what is frowned upon. The links under "Irish Fowl FAQs" on the left are a good place to start. We expect all new users to be familiar with the Forum Rules, as poor behaviour is not tolerated.

The Irish Fowl shop on the left hand side of the site has direct links to MacEoin General Merchants Website where Incubators, Brooders, Poultry Feeders, Poultry Drinkers, Wing Tags, Leg Rings, Vermin Control Products etc can be purchased ready for next working day delivery anywhere in the 32 counties of Ireland. On the right hand side of the site you will find links, poultry help sheets as well as poultry related websites, and the photo albums of various Irish Fowl members.

If you have any questions, forum members are usually happy to help, so you should make a new post in the General Poultry Chat forum and ask. But please ensure you have read all the FAQs beforehand, as most newbie questions are answered there.