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Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 27th October 2019  hazel321  

October clock  Doctorsroomghost  

Car trailer  alan45  

Turkeys  shannon mist  

Goldfinch,bullfinch,canary,mules wanted  Pekinsebright  

Battery light on a timer.  Tw  

Armagh Poultry Club - save the date Sat 14th Dec  M & R Neill  

Light Sussex Pol Wanted  Darren Leonard  

poultry show and sale  KENNY WORKMAN  

Sparrow proof feeder  christmasdiane  

Ferreting  Woolly123  

Athenry Poultry Bring & Buy Sale?  sarahmuldunne  

Looking for hen run in wheels with hen house  eire  

Plucking  Blueboy123  

Flemish giant rabbits  vlad okon  

Polish , Silkies  ccsteve  

Wanted Hatching eggs Blue/Splash French copper maran/Polish/Silkies/Leghorns/Ancona  Tom Beaky  

Hatching eggs?  sarahmuldunne  

Is the Poultry Fair still on at Two Mile Inn Midleton?  Boherbue Poultry  

Poultry Sales Ireland 2019  Cork Wyandotte  

PKCI Annual Autumn Bantam Show 2019  Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland (PKCI)  

Kildare bring and buy sale  swan 555  

Gosford  Mc fadden  

Mice  Blueboy123  

Chinese Goose  Darren Leonard  

Fencing  Blueboy123  

Kildare bring and buy sale  happy hatching  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 25th August 2019  hazel321  

Livestock Guardian Dog  Angelskeep  

Terrier  Peter bows  

african geese  pat shiels  

Colourful egg layers  MrPickles58  

Coloured Filters on Clearance for Tracer & Lightforce  Flock Master  

Portlaoise  eithne hennessy  

What breed is this cockerel?  Mel3  

Looking for bantam breeder  Kinsella poultry wexford  

Jersey Giants Wanted  Boherbue Poultry  

Larchill national poultry sale Saturday 24th August  mbdlc  

next myshall sale  Zoltanus  

Recommendations for thermometer  Monstercooke  

Ballygarvan Agricultural Show in conjunction with the PKCI (PCGB Affiliated)  Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland (PKCI)  

Gosford RBST auction  smurph  

Light Sussex Rooster Wanted  richj  

Chicken coop unsanitary conditions (mud&poop)  Abo1970  

Bantam light sussex  k29  


Hatching eggs wanted, any breed, ½ dozen  Hitmanhof  

Looking for hens and fowl must deliver to birr area thanks  eire  

Portlaoise sale  Scott G  

Query  E Lynch  

Transport  jjsuper  

Wanted hatching eggs  Liam  

Electric poultry netting  Thechickenman  

New Ross SPCA  E Lynch  

Turkey question  Thechickenman  

Roscommon 4th August  KatieH  

Calls,  kathykin  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 28th July 2019  hazel321  

Ferreting  Woolly123  

Hens hatching duck eggs  Perks  

What Poultry Sales on 1st weekend in August  Green Rooster  

How long can a hen stay off eggs  Mc fadden  

Scheduled power outage eggs incubating  Chickasaurus  

Incubator- what to do with dud eggs?  Shell Shock  

runner ducks  mickjcrowe  

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Old bedding  poultry sligo  

R,com calibrating,  bantam1  

When's the next portlaoise sale on?  Digger  

Splash and Black Silkie bantams  Sean60