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gold dutch pullets wanted  trevorbr  

Old motor cycle  Emmet Mcknight  

Light Brahma Pullet  steno  

Coolwood  Nollcondon  

Roscommon poultry sale this sunday  Virginia's fowl  

Just wondering  Lorcan R  

Frizzle Pekins wanted  Nollcondon  

Thanks to all  aiden1  

KID GOAT  1eamon2  

Looking to SWAP  1eamon2  

ISPF young bird show 15th October  FionnG  

ballyforan poultry show  Virginia's fowl  

Kune Kune gilt  Woolly123  

Mysall 25 sept 16  thomaswhi  

Quail wanted  Oisin  

looking for pekins will be at myshall  Dylan Boggan  

How was Gosford?  johnnyg  

permethrin 10%  Massey  

Any rescue organisations for the likes of goats and pigs?  vmulvany  

Young bird show  stevenbaker  

Smelly chicken run  Madhatter  

Coonagh (Limerick) sale on this Sunday 25th sept  Mark R  

Flubenvet  Smileyk  

Recommendation for aviary panels!  KayKew  

Pekins and silkies wanted  Ballinabarney  

bronze turkeys and white turkeys  Rob Holmes  

Ploughing  marco  

Collection of poultry and small animals  Jer  

Gosford 17th September  Emmet Mcknight  

Wanted  Madgeslane Fowl  

Old English Pheasant Fowl  Millquarter  

Feeding fowl  k29  

How effective is Cresote?  vmulvany  

childs pet  little chick  

Looking for colored doves  dutch  

Portlaoise poultry sale 25th of September  Scott G  

Looking for Silkie pullets  Degough  

lurcher wantef  eddie  

Weather  casscass4444  

Just wondering?  vmulvany  

tallow poultry sale  michael mangan  

Phesants wanted limerick  Joe101  

Phesants  Joe101  

Powder Dusters for Red Mite & Louse Powders.  Flock Master  

Limerick poultry sale  Smileyk  

Ducks unable to walk  Will R  

Own strain  casscass4444  

royal meath show sun 4th sept  pearl  

Tylan powder  Smileyk  

show hen wanted  kierancos  

Cattle meal  Massey  

Showing tomatoes  Massey590  

Protein %  christor  

Light Sussex Large Fowl  Jonathan's Chickens  

Help sourcing qtr inch welded mesh  PekinFowl  

wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Rhode island red hatching eggs  seamus Dunne  

clonaslee  Massey590  

Tallow poultry sale Sunday the 11th of September  AB Poultry  

Show Quality Buff Orpington hens  Triona  

Bantry  Poppy  

Question  Ballinabarney  

lithium battery wanted  burren  

When is the next poultry sale  Mc fadden  

poultry sales  Patricia murphy  

Old English Pheasant Fowl  Millquarter  

roscommon poultry sale 4th september  joshlea  

Eyrecourt Agri Show 18th September 2016  aiden1  

Roscommon Bring & Buy  Henrietta  

Cool wood - what breeds of hens at tomorrow's sale?  Triona