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Ailsbury duck eggs  DD  

Rosecomb  Torsten Schulz  

Hens, ducks, hen run, turkeys  eire  

Black or Gold Laced Orpingtons required  Givendale Spaniels  

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Turf for sale  Gracespoultry  

Clocking hen eggs wanted  Peter o d  

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Red Buff Silkie  jjsuper  

Guinea Fowl wanted  Givendale Spaniels  

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Is Portlaoise tomorrow  Mc fadden  

Kilcock bring and buy  jt12345  

Lavender orpington  Tom Dormer  

Lavender orpington  Tom Dormer  

Sebrights  adrian r  

Best incubator?  Mattieflatout  

lost feather on neck  jjsuper  

Fertile duck eggs  Dollachick  

Egg foam carrier  ali570  

Fairyhouse poultry an pet sale  pearl  

Blue partridge brahma hatching eggs wanted  Tw  

Chickens gone from pen  Mel3  

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Rooster not himself  Peter o d  

Brinsea Octagon 40 Incubator  jimbo074  

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L/F LIght Sussex Cock  PoulacapplePoultry  

Some hens a little bit croky/nasaley  Tw  

Quick question  Doctorsroomghost  

Parazole waiting time  Lawsey  

Exchequer leghorn cockerals or red mottled cockeral  HC  

Bring and buy.  pigeonpete  

Incubator query  Joseph lawler  

Coolwood  Shell Shock  

Inaugural PKCI Mini Poultry and Egg Show 2019  Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland (PKCI)  

Stoats  ccsteve  

Call duck hatching eggs  Fintan96  

Wanted hatching eggs  Fintan96  

Flubenvet  ali570  

sulmtaler breeder wanted  brahama  

Ryeland sheep  Flock Master  

black copper maran pullets or hatching eggs  seamus Dunne  

Guinea hens  EM  

Wanted,hatching type bantams  Ballyandy  

Wyandottes  polishbantams  

Coonagh  ryanp27  

Chick drinkers  Tw  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 28th April 2019  hazel321  

Coccidiosis  christmasdiane  

Wanted: Docile/Non-Agressive Rooster  Banshee Boss  

Looking for chicks, chick brooder, and small hen house  eire  

Sebright Rooster Wanted  Fancy Pigeon  

Hatching eggs wanted (in NI) or hybrid chicks  kslng  

Turkeys  Bonkersdan  

Organic Turkey starter or game bird feed????  Deisedad  

parson russell  Tadhg13  

Myshall poultry sale  Buff boy  

wanted urgently silver barnvelder rooster and a blue barnvelder rooster.  brahama  

Indian Blue Peacock  nm  

Brinsea Hatching Mats back in stock.  Flock Master  

Kildare Bring & Buy  Tonybeckwith  

Wanted  aidenb  

Large Silkies  ccsteve  

Game Eggs  lee  

Hatchery  Nicky82  

Silkie hen  Fintan96  

Clocking hens  Niall124