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Aviary - Anyone know who builds them  PekinFowl  

Cross breading for meat  roostercroweburn  

Brinsea Export Meeting 2016.  Flock Master  

New Mini & Maxi Incubator Range from Brinsea. Available Oct 2016.  Flock Master  

New Ovation Incubator Range from Brinsea. Available Oct 2016.  Flock Master  

Roscommon sale on the 7th  Virginia's fowl  

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Borotto incubator  christmasdiane  

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License  thommy k  

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Buff sussex  pointer  

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Indian Runner eggs  jral  

Can hens eat courgette?  FionnG  

Broody quail  Ciarán D  

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Wanted hampshire red cockeral  slapstick3  

wormer  Massey590  

english springer spaniel pups  Virginia's fowl  


Pekins growers  Smileyk  

Buff Orpington  Nollcondon  

Sick hens-advice needed  CountryChick  

Coonagh (Limerick) sale on this Sunday 31st July  Mark R  

Hatching eggs and breeding trios  Ballinabarney  

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fishing gear wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Red Mite Watch !!!  nama-man  

Wanted  Ballinabarney  

pheasants  Massey  


Need a number!  Massey590  

Rosecomb cockerel  Nollcondon  

Tullamore  Massey590  

Copper Marans  Charlotte  

Time for portlaoise poultry sale 19th of june  MTK  

Ballygarvan show  Desy  

Miscanthus  marco  

Breeding stock  jameson  

Black Silkie Eggs  WANTED/FORSALE  

Is there a sale in kiltimagh pet farm on Sunday  hyland  

Ivermectin Withdrawal Period  Stephen2001  

Cream legbars  Massey590  

Duck with eye problem  Emmet Mcknight  

Close call  Kate  

Hubbard broilers delivered to midlands  Glinnanejnr  

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Hatching service  Massey  

Fox  mim  

Pea chick diet  Tadhg13  

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DUCKS  thommy k  

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Ferrets  Stephen2001