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Working the streams and drain ditches.  Rattingman  

Roscommon sale  polishbantams  

Australorp Pullets  MrsL  

Coolwood 2022  DrBaker  

For sale New Zealand White rabbits  Mat  

Two female rabbits looking for new home  Bea  

Australorp Pullets  MrsL  

Length of egg fertility after no roosters are present  craigmartin  

Looking for PB (or as close as I can get) Irish Game Fowl  Neddy  

Anconas  Gosford road poultry  

Posting in correct section.  Flock Master  

Pekin eggs  rich1  

Pullets  Ballybeg4  

Gold laced Wyandotte bantams  Nathan nesbitt  

Silver pencilled Wyandotte cockerel wanted (LF) Also black, blue of buff Orpington pullets  Pam  

Jack russells for sale  johnnyg  

Lavender leghorn rooster  alan45  

Wanted silkies  Jack hilliard  

Looking for silkies  Jack hilliard  

Loose droppings  Micheal o leary2  

Buff Sussex bantams  Nathan nesbitt  

Old English Pheasant fowl  Stevowhyte  

Breeders Directory Update 2022  Flock Master  

Silkies cross pekins  Jack hilliard  

Special packaging for shipping hatching eggs  craigmartin  

Duck hatching eggs  Sarah1611  

crossing different coloured orpingtons  linmad  

Wanted bantam pair/trio  Jack hilliard  

Have a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year people  nama-man  

Gold Laced Wyandottes  Glen  

Minelab Equinox Metal detector  oldtimer  

Back on the lamp.  Rattingman  

Farm Dogs Territorial?  kwackers  

Lightforce Blitz 240mm Lamps in stock  Flock Master  

Lightforce Striker 170mm Lamps in Stock.  Flock Master  

Help with Dry plucker  Bronco  

Dutch Hook Bill Ducks  which_came_first  

Frazers Poultry Mix?  kwackers  

Wanted Scottish Deerhound or First cross Deerhound x Greyhound  oldtimer  

Gape worms  craigmartin  

Jersey giants  Tadhg Kilcummins  

a bit of a turkey  Tadhg13  

Rabbit Population in your area  oldtimer  

Subistute replacement wormers for flubenvet  roostercroweburn  

Rats  nama-man  

standalone plucker wanted  Bronco  

Australorps  a pollock  

Purebred Cream Legbar Rooster  craigmartin  

No Myshall Bring and Buy Sale  hazel321  

Ballon Sawdust Supplies Limited  jjsuper  

Octagon Eco 20 Incubator with Fully Automatic Cradle and Cosey Chic Brooder €185 ONO  Green Rooster  

Common duck problems, unsolved so far :-(  kwackers  

Estuary rats!  Rattingman  

How do you count how many hours of light your chickens are getting per day?  craigmartin  

Roosters comb changed colour  rich1  

Watermael/d'anvers  tank girl  

Marsh daisy  rich1  

A question for the "olde hands".  Joseph lawler  

Call duck drakes white  Claire89howard  

Large fowl orpingtons wanted  Pam  

Coolwood, kilarney.  Tadhg  

Wanted pygmy goats  Stevowhyte  

Looking some pullets or point of lay hens  Stevowhyte  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale : Sunday 31st October 2021  hazel321  

First rat of this season  Rattingman  

Blue Swedish Ducks  DrBaker  

Wyandotte Cockerel  Pam  

Lame hen  Ballybeg4  

No quack?  Joseph lawler  

Mareks disease  Jack hilliard