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Loose bowel movements  Ciarán D  

Large Fowl Orpington Hens  TommyBuck  

Gold sebrights  ryan99  

Coughing  Stynes  

incubator help needed  Dylan Boggan  

Have you heard of the Tellus survey in West Ireland? It may be relevant to you.  Tellus Survey Information  

Advice needed asap  Emmet Mcknight  

Sussex  Jacker  

A few questions😊  Massey590  

poultry club  tippbirdman  

Collection of Poultry and small animals 4/6/16  Jer  

making a new pen  hyland  

flemish and new zealand giant rabbit kits for sale  hyland  

Guinea eggs  pat cody  

Roscommon sale 😊 next Sunday ,is anyone going with Fantails 5 pairs needed.  sebolandek  

Broiler chicks wanted  Ballinabarney  

Protecting chicken coop from weather and goat/hen question.  Meathman  

Half inch wire mesh  Tj  

Wanted Irish game fowl  Tj  

A tragic scene  Ciarán D  

Patrickswell bring and buy sale Sunday the 12th of June and the second Sunday of every month  Smileyk  

Rooster problem  shannon mist  

West of England  bucks  

Hens eating their eggs  eiremichaelpoultry  

Poultry wormers you mix with food???  vmulvany  

Duck advice sought - duck being ostracised from flock  Banshee Boss  

Silver laced Orpington hatching eggs  Mark  

Lemon Pyle Brahma  Glenford  

Fox cubs  eddie  

Hatching copper maran eggs, help please  quackerslorna  

Vaccines  Stynes  

Light Columbian pekin hatching eggs or chicks or grower hens  Ballinabarney  

Problem with hens laying  Ballinabarney  

Respiratory?  Massey590  

looking for eggs  Massey  

Broody duck  FionnG  

cuckoo maran chicks  Massey  

Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland Trip to Teleford 2016  Oliver Flanagan  

How long  alan45  

pekin hatching eggs  mel  

Ancona Ducks  Wurzel  

Peafowl laying season  Pea.comb  

Pol Duck acting strange  vmulvany  

call bird food  p doc  

Heat lamp  marco  

Wyandotte Chicks  johnnyg  

Collection of Poultry and small animals 29/5/2016  Jer  

COURIER  kathykin  

Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Rooster Wanted.  Matthew_1  

Bourbon Red Turkey Hatching Eggs  davidk  

La bresse  The Waxbill  

turkeys wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Roscommon Sale 5/6/16. Anyone with Turkeys?  sebolandek  

Campines  Glen  

Help with Fox & Snaring  paddykk  

scurlogstown olympiad show  pearl  

A quick thanks  stevenbaker  

Crows  rob101  

Silver laced Wyandottes  Stynes  

Wanted  sully  

Poultry show / fair / sale  kslng  

Coonagh (Limerick) sale on this sunday 29th May  Mark R  

Continental Giant Rabbits  corrachombra  

Collection of Poultry and small animals 29/5/16  Jer  

want to thank jer  eddie  

Pekins wanted  mel  

milefleur pekin hen wanted  PekinFowl  

show class help  Virginia's fowl  

4 Year Old Indian Blue Peacock wanted  Oliver Flanagan  

Adjusting temperature  Massey590