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Borotto incubator  christmasdiane  

Hatching hens/Bantams  erjr  

Hatching Service  Deisedad  

Transylvania/Turken naked neck  Zoltanus  

Grey Jungle Fowl  Gunnerdoc  

Labratory incubator  wildfowler  

Gosling  Doctorsroomghost  

Call bird not calling  IrishFoxer  

Day old (up to 2 weeks) chicks  Igor  

Kalij pheasant, blue pekins  mel  

Polish Rooster wanted  Green Rooster  

L/F LIght Sussex Cock  PoulacapplePoultry  

Columbian pekins  Smileyk  

Ducks, guniea fowl, and mixture of hen eggs wanted  eire  

Geese eggs  Euan  

barnvelder and blue barnvelder roosters  brahama  

Wanted purebred rir or leghorn cockeral  Thechickenman  

Eggs  Torsten Schulz  

Black or Blue Silkie Hens Wanted  jjsuper  

Kalij pheasant  mel  

Kildare bring and buy at Karibu  swan 555  

White silkie roo  tippbirdman  

Hatching Service in Lisburn  christor  

Wanted terrier pup  SF94  

Young female ducks - most breeds considered  Stevoid  

selling eggs  shannon mist  

Poultry shows  Cillian.Meaney  

Silkie Rooster  Fintan96  

Black pekins  Peter01  

Peafowl x turkeys  hyland  

Quail  Torsten Schulz  

Where in portlaois  Rob Holmes  

Silver Laced Barnevelder Wanted  jjsuper  

Gosford  Peter o d  

Heads up.  Desy  

gofer  gofer  

Rats  gofer  

Portlaoise Sale  Fintan96  

What is Louth poultry sale like  Mc fadden  

Gozzys  Doctorsroomghost  

Pekins  James 321  

Dungannon  James 321  

Borotto or Brinsea !?!?  andrew11046  

Wanted gold laced, blue laced and buff laced bantam Wyandotte hens also speckled Sussex hens and light Sussex rooster.  Jazz-a-belle poultry  

Pheasant eggs  Torsten Schulz  

coolwood  Tadhg13  

Cuckoo marens  Rob Holmes  

Leghorn or Cream Legbar Point of Lay  TipperaryChickens  

Duck eggs  Nicky82  

Chukar  Torsten Schulz  

2019 breeding  paddycrawford  

Roscommon sale  polishbantams  

Silver laced wyandotte rooster L/F  charlie  

call ducks  jonjesk  

Athenry Sale  michael starr  

Aylesbury duck (drake)  KDuffy  

What do you use on the floor of your wooden coops?  Banshee Boss  

Laying  tippbirdman  

Portlaoise  Tom Q  

Rcom20  iwtand  

incubator faulty  wildfowler  

poultry sales  shannon mist  

Bantam light Sussex eggs  jjsuper  

Huge Rabbit Quantities Wanted Urgently  GourmetGame  

Sales around Ulster or close  smurph  

Call bird magpie  rob101  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 24th February  hazel321  

Brinsea ovation 56 evaporation block  jjsuper  

pheasant eggs  bucks  

Anyone traveling from county Down to anywhere near the Midlands next week?  Tw