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Any hatching eggs from show quality fowl for sale in the North?  mkz2020  

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White birds.  shay  

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Shows  Michelle farrell  

Coolwood  Green Rooster  

Horse drawn.  Desy  

Nano Black Cat Rat Traps in Ireland.  Flock Master  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale : Sunday 26th June 2022  hazel321  

Coonagh, limerick 26th june  Digger  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale : Sunday 26th June 2022  hazel321  

Chicken saddles for sale  KalaGriff  

poultry saddles  Pam  

No ladybird beetles ...  Bea  

Fox Pelts. Do they have value?  craigmartin  

Pekin bantam hatching eggs.  Joseph lawler  

Soft shells [Khaki Campbells] repeat request for help.  kwackers  

Gold/Red silkie rooster wanted  Digger  

Snaring foxes  craigmartin  

Gold silkie rooster  Digger  

Roscommon  polishbantams  

Portlaoise  paddycrawford  

Tie hen by leg  christmasdiane  

Polyhatch - Hatchmaker & Hatchmaster Parts  Flock Master  

New Style Chicken Guard Door Openers  Flock Master  

Current Price on Duck eggs for eating  craigmartin  

Larch Hill or Myshall which is better  pinksapphire  

A way to donate toward humanitarian aid in Ukraine  craigmartin  

Lamping legalities  craigmartin  

Pheasant poults  Woolly123  

Myshall Bring and Buy Poultry Sale 29th May  hazel321  

Dutch Bantam  Millquarter  

Wanted old English Pheasant fowl & black Australorp.  Stevowhyte  

Looking for advice on how to get rid of a fox  craigmartin  

Larchill Gardens May Sale Sat May 28th  mbdlc  

Larchill Gardens May Sale Sat May 28th  mbdlc  

Recommendation, please  Bea  

No Myshall Bring and Buy Poultry Sale Sunday 15th May  hazel321  

Call duck hatching eggs  Sham087  

Hatching call ducks in incubator  o shamo  

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Any poultry shows scheduled?  MackZ  

Larchill Gardens May Sale  mbdlc  

Wanted:Kitten, ginger or ginger, white and black.  vmulvany  

White Cochins Wanted  Nat7000  

Barnvelder  polishbantams  

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Fox problem  roostercroweburn  

Pekin eggs WANTED  Colin7000  

Myshall Poultry Bring and Buy Sale  hazel321  

2022 hatching  paddycrawford  

Are our hens meant to be kept inside?  Joseph lawler  

Roscommon sale  polishbantams  

dry hatch  shcl21  

Transporting chicks  johnnyg  

Hen bleeding in from her bottom area  craigmartin  

Myshall Poultry Sales  hazel321  

Myshall Poultry Sales  hazel321  

Swallows are here.  roostercroweburn  

bird flu et al...  linmad  

How long should egg sit and settle after a car ride before setting them for incubation?  craigmartin  

rose comb rir  michaeljohn