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Poultry wanted  Oisin  

jersey giant  staghunter  

voulunteers  Virginia's fowl  

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Seabrights  adrian r  

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Bringing Irishfowl into 2017  DonkeyDick1992  

Free items  Aoife  

Ferrets  DonkeyDick1992  

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Fancy fowl magazine  Mc fadden  

600 ml Chick / Quail Drinkers on Offer 1.50 each  Flock Master  

Pekins Wanted  Gerry Dolan  

Febuary Roscommon Sale Cancelled  Virginia's fowl  

apricot calls  kathykin  

trios and oullets wanted  Orior  

Clearance of Chick Feeders. Great Bargains.  Flock Master  

Peahens wanted  Oisin  

Ferrets for sale  Ferretlad143  

Ferrets for sale  Ferretlad143  


Wanted ferret  Woolly123  

Rats and feed  casscass4444  

Pheasant hens wanted  Oisin  

Large fowl White silkie rooster wanted  Oisin  

Silkies wanted  Oisin  

California quail wanted  Oisin  

Extention of poultry gathering extended  stevenbaker  

Portlaoise poultry sale Jan 2017  Woolly123  

Shamo male and female  james scanlon  

Breeders Directory Updates 2017  Flock Master  

ISPF National show.  FionnG  

Rosecomb Breeders.  stevenbaker  

Turkey poults  sandram  

lucie15  lucie15  

New Year....New Egg !  nama-man  

Happy new year !  Virginia's fowl  

Looking for Oeg Bantam Pair :)  TLC.Kildare  

ISPF new website  Susan Mc  

Ancona Rooster wanted  Adam1  

is this true bird flu in wexford?  Virginia's fowl  

Ulster federation show  Poppy  

no roscommon this sunday  Virginia's fowl  

shamo hens wanted  william cassidy  

taiwan or shamo hens wanted  william cassidy  

for people housing poultry for the next month  Virginia's fowl  

hi any one keeps taiwan or shamo hens please let me no . good hens  william cassidy  

slaes  william cassidy  

shamo  william cassidy  

Letting Chickens Free Range  Stephen2001  

National show cancelled??  FionnG  

Bird flu query  Nollcondon  

Broody hen wanted  Cork Wyandotte  

Sebright  Madgeslane Fowl  

Bird Flu in uk  TLC.Kildare  

Blood in eggs  Stephen2001  

Feeding back egg shells?  Stephen2001  

Is Selling Eggs Profitable  Williams poultry  

Wyandotte x Rhode Island Red?  Stephen2001  

Bird Flu.  Bonzie.  

Call Ducks  andrew11046  

Cull cocks and hens wanted  paddycrawford  

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to everone  erjr  

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Woven Straw nest  christmasdiane  

Wanted 20 cock pheasants  Mc fadden  

poultry keepers club of Ireland show and sale  Virginia's fowl