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Ferreting Dog  Woolly123  

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Diamond /small doves  Torsten Schulz  

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Free to good home. 2 pet sows. Oxford/Sandy/Black  LouiseMc  

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Guinea fowl  Fintan96  

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Scaly feet  Micheal o leary2  

female sannan goat  pearl  

Coolwood  Pekinsebright  

Turkeys wanted  Joebourke62  

Call ducks  Nollcondon  

maran hens, guinea fowl and small call ducks.  eire  

Wanted the old brown poultry crates with a red lid.  Jungo  

Ferreting  Woolly123  

Swap  Torsten Schulz  

PKCI.  Desy  

Coonagh (Limerick) sale on Sunday 30th September 18  Mark R  

Black Pekin Cock wanted  Springwell  

Toyota corolla 05 for sale  tippbirdman  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 30th September  hazel321  


Thompsons  Glen  

Myshal  pearl  

looking for guinea fowl and hens  eire  

Gander  Kate  

Hatching eggs  Danzy  

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Thompson layer pellets  christor  

Egg Laying?  Will R  

looking for an indian runner drakes  Hannahd  

indian runner drake  Hannahd  

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Looking  Ballinabarney  

Portlaoise Sale  FLood K  

White wyandotte Bantam pullets wanted  trevorbr  

Gosford  Mc fadden  

New home for cat.  gofer  

Wanted day olds  Mc fadden  

Campine  Glen  

Silver or gold dutch bantams  jt12345  

Portlaoise Sale tomorrow 9th of September  AB Poultry  

Corby rock chick starter  paddycrawford  

Ferreting September  Woolly123  

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**PKCI Bantam show schedule update***  mcpat  

Broilers  christor  

Chicken coop.  mike lydon  

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Bellman and Flint dog locater for sale like new  Tom Dormer  

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