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Giant African Land Snails  Matt K  

Old Hen's  tippbirdman  

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Scam Email sent to Member's Email Address  Sophie O'neill  

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collection of birds and small animals  Jer  

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Gun Safe or Trigger Lock ?  Flock Master  

Petition - with permission from FlockMaster  Bea  

what age do ducks lay  dylan watkins  

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Myshall  paddycrawford  

Carp Fishing Rods, Reels, Tackle, Bivvy etc  Ray C  

Contact number ( Brian Callaghan )  mcpat  

Pellets or Mash ? Which is most popular.  Flock Master  

looking for piglets  james t  

Buff orpingtons  Glinnanejnr  

processing culled birds  Ash - Cork - Wyandotte  

A stocking filler.........  Rosie  

wild mallard  king cream  

best lf  gilbert  

Indian game bantam hens , sliver spangled hamburgh bantam hen  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

british poultry standards  rdaly  

A funny chicken story I came across.  Greengage  

Partridge Silkies Wanted.  Mark Dunphy  

Supplier of cracked corn?  Susan Mc  

for beginner showers bantam or large fowl  robin  

Considering Incubator Hire service  quackerslorna  

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the national in birmingham in nov  pearl  

how do I get into showing  robin  

Super hatch or convia  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

Silver Sebright hens  Desmondloughery  

who rules the roost.  Greengage  

COONAGH :Monthly INDOOR Bring and Buy Poultry Bird And small Animal Sale  Mark R  

broilers  jocks  

Rhode Island Red Cockerel wanted  abutler  

Pictures wanted  abutler  

Mandarins and Carolinas wanted  Keogh98  

west cork to mayo  stevenbaker  

cross bred or pure bred bantams  gilbert  

Cross bred chickens.  Carneyhill Barnevelders  

Myshall  mcpat  

Rhodebar and welbar  tom boyd  

margaret  margaret  

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Registering poultry.  Greengage  

Moveable Large Fowl Run.  Matt K  

black east indian duck  Jer  

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roscommon on the 2nd  Virginia's fowl  

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courier  erjr  

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Anyone interested in speckled sussex  Ross Smith:)  

knitting  blueboy  

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Budget 2014  Flock Master  

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BEES  erjr  

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