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poultry farming  blueboy  

Does anybody know if these are good  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

worming hens  wilson 1  

white Yokohama pullets  Jer  

bird flu now in England  chriss.higgins  

bird flu in netherlands  Virginia's fowl  

looking for house to rent  Virginia's fowl  

cant say he didnt give up  tumbler124  

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dead chick  Tj  

Large watchdog  Bea  

Brinsea Octagon 20 eco  Carneyhill Barnevelders  

welsh harlequin drake  Jer  

worming hens  conorf1  

Cock with white foam from his eye  Ross smith  

kiwis  steveo2002irl  

duck pen  seamus  

Miscanthus grass bedding  StephenMcD  

collection of birds  Jer  

k  steveo2002irl  

National  Desy  

show seramas and show bantam sikie cock  conorf1  

Chick Crumb Bargain !  nama-man  

dull pullet  wilson 1  

Ixworth pullets  Glinnanejnr  

Beet knife  Ballyandy  

energiser  jocks  

Thefts on Increase  Flock Master  

Dumb documentaries  StephenMcD  

Electric Fence - Fencer ticking but wire is dead?  Bea  

cuckoo maran difference  Malek  

Portlaoise Wishlist  Ronan  

Indian game orpingtons silkies bardu uccle  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

looking for shamo asil stag  michaelkelly  

Poultry netting  robin  

Rooster Problem  jacob's poultry  

Sick wild pheasant  Coveypoultry  

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killed my first chicken !!!!!!  robin  

Lamping Supplies Ireland  Flock Master  

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Pet Bird Show  tippbirdman  

West of England Geese  josteed  

in or out?  Virginia's fowl  

Supplier  Matt K  

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Pb pullets, good potential layers.  hannahthetree  

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Elliot's cock pheasant and pekins  mel  

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rough coat jrt  blueboy