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Karibu pet farm maddanstown, curragh, Co Kildare.  bayley  

Poultry Shows  Will R  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 26th August  hazel321  

Poultry Keepers Society of Ireland News  mcpat  

Portloaise sale  bayley  

Cochin large fowl blue or white  Tom Dormer  

Looking for a poultry abbatoir in South East  Mrs. F  

24 hyline Point of lay Pullets wanted  Jungo  

wanted  Dave Daly  

Gosford  jt12345  

Young Drake. White and Black.  Nleach  

Breathing problem  Johnk  

looking for small ducks not the big white ducks but the small ones and hens  eire  

Brahma hens wanted  diesel34  

Phesants wanted.  Joe101  

Phesants wanted.  Joe101  

Food  tippbirdman  

Diffent color silkies  tippbirdman  

Hatching eggs  jt12345  

Swinford Bantam Championship  Springwell  

Louth poultry sale.  Blondy Bird  

Wellsummer pullets or growers  Michael Sherman  

Pekin hen  Peter01  

Gosford  polishbantams  

Brahma  Daireforan  

Buff Orphingtons  Blondy Bird  

Coolwood Calls and Silkies  johnnyg  

Roscommon sale  polishbantams  

bielefelder welsh harlequin hatching eggs  seanq  

Wanted French Copper Marans  MW  

looking for hens, small ducks  eire  

Anyone bringing Gold Brahmas to Coolwood Sale?  Shell Shock  

Anyone got Cochin's for sale large fowl,blue or cockoo  Tom Dormer  

Tannaghmore gardens  John333  

Bantam Sikver laced wyandotte rooster wanted  joez  

Poultry Fair  E Lynch  

Wanted 3 bantam light Sussex pullets  Tw  

Redstart fodder  Massey590  

Wanted lavender pekin pullets.  Jazz-a-belle poultry  

bantam barred wyandottes hatching eggs wanted  trevorbr  

Leghorns  Woodfield  

Seabright cock wanted  jt12345  

Larchill gardens autumn poultry sale Sat 18th August  mbdlc  

Anyone from omagh traveling to Lisburn this week?  Oisin  

Red or red Pyle Silkies wanted  Oisin  

Very large white silkie rooster  Tw  

Barnevelder Silver laced  Alice Clarke  

Cochin large fowl  Tom Dormer  

Looking for large Quail hens for egg production  Brookhaven  

Leg rings  jjsuper  

LF silke hens  seanq  

Coonagh July 29th  The Waxbill  

Wanted  Danny deffew  

wanted north holland blue  diesel34  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 29th July  hazel321  

Breeding pairs/trios  jt12345  

Salmon Faverolles  Daireforan  

Chicken Wire  Will R  

welsummers hens  Sussex123  

Starling problems  Mike O brien  

looking for mini ducks or a small breed of ducks  eire  

Wanted 4 Pb Lavender pekin hens  Jazz-a-belle poultry  

Old English game wanted  Alex  

Gold speckled hens, and Orpington and some Sussex  eire  

Day old chicks  Mc fadden  

Coonagh  Pekinsebright  

Sablepoot eggs wanted  Niall124  

Hatching Eggs Wanted  chris363  

Myshall 29th July  Woolly123  

Muscovys  Niall124