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Panacur,how much to mix with how much feed?  vmulvany  

Brinsea Mini ECO 10 Egg Manual Incubator only 65.00  Flock Master  

Brinsea Mini ADVANCE EX SALE. Only 245.00 Saving you 100.00  Flock Master  

Polish Wanted  kierancos  

Incubator  Sean's poultry  

ferrets for sale  liam52  

Rockcorry Poultry & Car Boot Sale  sultan at home  

Manual for Multihatch Incubator  Ochejah  

Silkies or Silkie cross hens, any colour  trixxx  

Chelford sales  Mc fadden  

recall  Virginia's fowl  

Night vision camera  eithne hennessy  

Collection of poultry and small animals  Jer  

Frizzle Feather type or breed of its own?  vmulvany  

Muscovy Drake  Fintan96  

Pekins, Sussex, Barnevelder, RIR, Vorwerk, wyandottes wanted  Barny321  

A pair for the garden  Kenny Rawson  

Jersey Giants  Stephen F  

Gold brahmas hens wanted in port laoise on sunday  Brahma_kilkenny  

GOOD LUCK TO ALL  stevenbaker  

Large fowl wyandotte hens  Cork Wyandotte  

GOS pigs for sale!  jerilyn616  

show Versa laga feed suppliers in Rep in Ireland  Triona  

Does anyone know  casscass4444  

ferrets  liam52  

Facebook page  Kinnitty poultry  

does anyone order from Ascott dairy?  RJ2010  

Roosters wanted cream legbar and faverolle  billy b  

ispf birds for sale that can be delivered and collected  Virginia's fowl  

pet rabbits died suddenly  Tom Doyle  

marriages layers with flubenvet  pearl  

brown leghorn hens  RJ2010  

Runner ducks  Sean's poultry  

Cuckoo Maran Cockerel  PoulacapplePoultry  

Runner ducks wanted.  Sean's poultry  

Portlaoise 16th oct 16  thomaswhi  

Vaccines  shannon mist  

Janoel24 automatic incubator for sale  Oisin  

Golden pencilled Hamburg wanted  Nollcondon  

Has anyone come across red millefleur Pekins?  vmulvany  

Flemish Giant Rabbits  corrachombra  

Ivermectin  Ballinabarney  

Peanuts for Wild Birds. 400g on offer 1.50  Flock Master  

New Incubator Humidity Control Pump from Borotto  Flock Master  

Feeding for production and feeding for maintenance  AB Poultry  

harkers harka mectin  hollygate  

Poultry Stunners for Sale.  Flock Master  

Hen wheezy! Please help  vmulvany  

Hanging a turkey  Declan Kane  

Kellihers mills sale Saturday  Red field  

National show in England.  Birdeen  

Looking for a book... Can any one help?  chriss.higgins  

Gold laced Orpington cockerel  Alice Clarke  

tallow poultry sale  michael mangan  


German Pekin Drake  OisinG2016  

Eglu or Omlet Plastic Chicken Coups  Cork Wyandotte  

Scott's dumpy wanted  Williso  

Gold dutch bantams wanted  Oisin  

Copper maran rooster wanted  Oisin  

Ballinasloe  casscass4444  

pet expo 15th 16th october  pearl  

Khaki Campbell Drake(s)  dmcallister75  

Bantam rooster  Red field  

next portlaoise sale, dutch bantams  trevorbr  

Collection of poultry and small animals 1/10/16  Jer  

gold dutch pullets wanted  trevorbr  

Old motor cycle  Emmet Mcknight  

Light Brahma Pullet  steno  

Coolwood  Nollcondon