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WANTED.  William McGrath jnr  

silver laced orpingtons  bucks  

Ferret colours?  StephenMcD  

day to week old chicks needed  jamesstack  

also  jamesstack  

day to week old chicks needed  jamesstack  

Ballymena poultry show  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

swinhoe pheasant  Richiedel123  

unusual email  Jer  

Wanted ibc water tank  Kieran L  

Who's going Roscommon  Ross Smith:)  

advice please on poultry show  stevenbaker  

Pygmy Wether free to good home  Iain  

Wanted for 2015  Bea  

Hens staying in house  William McGrath jnr  

Bad eye  hayes14  

white turkeys wanted  matt porter  

Goats wanted  paddycrawford  

Red leg or grey partridge wanted & advice?  dylan watkins  

irish water  Thesmallfarmer  

Ballinasloe horse fair for poultry too  Virginia's fowl  

Braggs Mountain Buff  William McGrath jnr  

Large fowl  William McGrath jnr  

sheep  Derek Rogers  

hybrid reeves in wild population.  gem  

hen with sore foot  rdaly  

slander  blueboy  

Coolwood  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

wishlist for roscommon 5th oct  FERRET  

gas brooder for sale  pearl  

Fertilised eggs want ASAP  William McGrath jnr  

russian orlof cock and trio vorwerk  lisak  

Man selling Polish Bantams at Portlaois  Dara Cromwell  

Kildare bring and buy sale Sunday 5th Oct.  Kildare bring and buy sale  

English Lady At Coolwood.  stevenbaker  

My duck cant walk!!  Johnpeterson  

Pure Bred light sussex cockerel wanted  stevenbaker  

New to mandarins  nelsen_t  

Terriers For Sale.  blueboy  

looking for a friend  Virginia's fowl  

Showing Question ?  Sophie O'neill  

Dingle Food Festival. October 3rd - 5th 2014.  Flock Master  

Fattening up fully grown bantams  Tucker  

mk 1 ferret collars  Jer  

Pekins !  Tucker  

What feed grain is best for supplementing pellets?  Susan Mc  

Turkey Troubles. Help Needed Please.  bucks  

Hen has a lump in her eye  Fluffy chicken  

Myshal 28th September  Murf  

Smite A Mite Powders & Liquid On Sale.  Flock Master  

COONAGH Monthly INDOOR Bring and Buy Poultry Bird And small Animal Sale  Mark R  

Wyandotte cock  Elli  

Pea Chicks  Shirlz  

Advice please on Breeding ?  William McGrath jnr  

Cockeral Help Please  stevenbaker  

Clearing Up Mites.  gilbert  

show cream legbars  rdaly  

Hen runs and housing  tippbirdman  

Pictures of pheasant pens  dylan watkins  

day old broilers  jocks  

gold tops and bantams  gilbert  

Springmount bring & buy sale  bryandavies  

Chainlink wire fencing  FERRET  

Silver Duckwing Welsummer  charlie  

Ballinasloe Show Saturday 4th October 2014  Oliver Flanagan  

Fox Problem  tippbirdman  

Kelpie  Tadhg13  

Gosford sale  Murf  

wanted modern game bantams  joshlea  

Scaly leg mite treatment.  gilbert