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Swedish Flower chicks  linmad  

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Call ducks  A&A Poultry  

Boating  steveo2002irl  

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Breeding dual purpose breeds  Benrue  

roost size for buff orpingtons  linmad  

chicks + eggs  Sulky Bantam  

Pyle dutch eggs  S beggan  

White Leghorn  polishbantams  

Pyle dutch eggs  S beggan  

Foot twisted  Glenn  

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mini  Tadhg13  

Breeding birds this spring  polishbantams  

Appenzeller cockerel  Luke  

Pure bred rir hatching eggs  Micheal o leary2  

Few more pics from over the last few weeks.  Rattingman  

Partridge  Torsten Schulz  

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Ratting terriers  Virginia's fowl  

Wanted asap  Virginia's fowl  

Black swans  rich1  

White orpington  Stevowhyte  

Easter egger,, Olive egger , favaucana, ice cream bars  Donbard  

Call duck hatching eggs  Fintan96  

Rabbits for sale  Virginia's fowl  

Hatching eggs wanted in following breeds  Virginia's fowl  

White pekin bantam hens  Glenn  

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Chicken With Eye Swelled Shut  craigmartin  

Bobwhite  Torsten Schulz  

Storing Hatching Eggs  craigmartin  

Wanted  Virginia's fowl  

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Shelf life chicken  Oak room  

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Result of Brexit.  Desy  

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Narragansett Turkeys  M & R Neill  

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