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Cock-A-Doodle-Dead !!!  nama-man  

Summer shows  Poppy  

sex-linked crosses  Susan Mc  

Light sussex cock  Thechickenman  

White Sumatra Rooster  mel  

North Tipp  tippbirdman  

Point of lays  suem  

Irish fancy wanted  tippbirdman  

Irish fancy wanted  tippbirdman  

Looking for yellow pencil Friesian  C.murray  

best trap  slapstick3  

best trap  slapstick3  

laying hens  mar  

roscommon march sale cancelled  Virginia's fowl  

Myshall  Dylan Boggan  

Can bird flu be passed through eggs?  FionnG  

Rouen Ducks ,ducklings or hatching eggs or a couple of adult females  james scanlon  

Climate change...  Bea  

Cost of posting a dozen eggs?  vmulvany  

laying hens  mar  

Grammatically ridiculous  PoulacapplePoultry  

Turkeys  Massey  

found this  Virginia's fowl  

Welsh Black Fowl  novice  

Australorp cock, Cuckoo Maran pullets  PoulacapplePoultry  

Quail eggs and dry hatches  Aldi  

Bird flu  Desy  

Thompson poultry feed  Eugene  

Ballykeenan Bring and Buy Sale cancelled on 26th February  hazel321  

Reeves pheasants  jimbo074  

good quality point of lay  suem  

rugby  peter wade  

Making money  novice  

Sour crop,how do I empty crop?  vmulvany  

Incubating Eggs  Gerry Dolan  

When or will gosford be on  Mc fadden  

Looking for polystyrene egg boxes  Ballinabarney  

Egg Eating  Hardfeather  

Hybrid red hens as mothers  novice  

ear to the ground  pearl  

Any facebook users could ye join this group thanks 🐔🐔  Dylan99  

Chicken Run Bedding  Stephen2001  

Broody Hen  Gerry Dolan  

Blue laced wyndottes  vincent  

who view on human pandemic and birdflu and birdflu is now airborn  Virginia's fowl  

Wanted: Ayam Cemani  Ballinabarney  

Coonagh (Limerick) February CANCELED  Mark R  

Wanted: Silver Appleyard Ducks  lob77  

Pekin Eggs  Gerry Dolan  

Broodies wanted  Cork Wyandotte  

Black Jersey Giants to buy  Stephen F  

BIRD FLU! found in nenagh Co.Tipperary.  FionnG  

Vermin Control & Bird Flu.  Flock Master  

Orpington rooster  Leewilson  

coolwood  Tadhg13  

Taughts and opinions 😊  Dylan99  

wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Game Cover Crops 2017.  Flock Master  

advice please  Poppy  

Muscovy ducks  mrs myrtleberry  

F10 Discinfectant.  Flock Master  

Hatching eggs?  Dylan99  

Runner Ducks  Declan Kane  

selling eggs  p doc  

Suggestions please?  Dylan99  

Athenry February Poultry Sale  Oliver Flanagan  

Collection of poultry and small animals  Jer  

Portlaoise February sale cancelled  Ronan  

Sonic Electronic Bird Scarers For Sale. 58  Flock Master  

Incubators for Queen Bee Cells.Nationwide Delivery  Flock Master