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Wanted :  Nleach  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale on Sunday 27th May  hazel321  

Old English game  toml  

Desperately Seeking Pekin Hen  Gerry Dolan  

Peahen  Scott G  

Poultry sale May 20th  Gerry Dolan  

Wanted hatching eggs  Ballinabarney  

Most sought after ducks  christmasdiane  

Hatching ducks and guineas  Perks  

Hatching eggs wanted  Lesley  

Incubator, fertile eggs, chicks, ducks, brooder cage and light and guinea fowl.  mar  

Brinsea 100  Justin23  

Corifin Show  Gerry Dolan  

Kildare poultry sale Sunday 20th may  Smyth poultry  


Tralee show  Poppy  

Orpington, Barnevelder, Wyandotte or Australorps hens  FLood K  

Orpington hens  FLood K  

Connaught Spring Show  ardfrycottage  

Verm-X Vís Flubenvet  Banshee Boss  

Bourbon Red Turkey stag  corrachombra  

looking for chicks and baby ducks  mar  

Pekins  mel  

Hatching eggs wanted  chris363  

looking for guinea fowl and small chick house  mar  

Broody Hen  christor  

wanted guinea fowl hatching eggs  happy hatching  

My shall 26th may  Sussex123  

African Grey Parrot fertile eggs?  nama-man  

Bar b can hen  Bluecap  

Call Ducks  Gerry Dolan  

wanted, silkie, brahma and polish roosters  nick84  

Bob White Quail eggs 🥚  Bob White  

WANTED Patterdale Terrier Pup  nedzer  


Poultry Auction  StevenK  

RUSHES After and before 6x pics NO RUSHES Growth at sites years on  shiobhan  

Eggs got cold  Niallobrien  

Wanted blue Andalusian's and Pekin  Niall124  

Roscommon sale  gofer  

Moving Goslings?  AddoD  

Broody Call Ducks  johnnyg  

wanted light sussex bantam hens / pullets  jjsuper  

Wanted: LF Hatching eggs Kilkenny area  Banshee Boss  

looking for fertile eggs for incubator  mar  

looking for fertile eggs for incubator  mar  

Magpie eating eggs  eithne hennessy  

Incubator  Gerry Dolan  

Local Honey  gerryf  

Local Honey  gerryf  

Caring for quail  Smyth poultry  

wanted cock pheasant  happy hatching  

Small cockerel  Perks  

Turkey Crumb  wildfowler  

Bobwhite and bantam  Torsten Schulz  

Smoking out coop  Gerry Dolan  

Wanted:  DonalG  

Dirty Bums on Chickens  Martin J.  

Coonagh (Limerick) sale on Sunday 29th April 18  Mark R  

Shetland geese  Green Tree Farm  

Chicks with clubbed feet  GreyMagpie  

Does anyone know of anyone that breeds Brown Pekins??? Thanks  vmulvany  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale on Sunday 29th April  hazel321  

Carrowhony poultry sale this saturday  John333  

De Watermael Bantams  watermaelbreeder  

My Embarrassing Pet  My Embarrassing Pet  

wanted Duck eggs for eating  burren  

Predator!  paddykk  

Where about is the myshall sale on  Smyth poultry  

Chick Health  Crestin