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Roscommon  A&B  

Looking for seramas  Mike O brien  

Silkies hatching eggs wantwd  Ballinabarney  

Marran hatching eggs  gregory peck  

Labrador retriever bitch  erjr  

Silkie pullets wanted  brack1  

Call duck wanted  Tara2011  

Bantam fertile eggs  David lawlor  

Larchill National Autumn Sale 19th August, Kilcock, Kildare  mbdlc  

Showing Hens  FLood K  

Will geese keep grass down?  nelsen_t  

Cardboard boxes  Sean's poultry  

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Wanted buff Sussex and light Sussex  "christy mc"  

Bird attack  johnnyg  

Russian orloffs  moonster3  

Ayam Cemani  Cslattery  

Pheasants  Joe101  

Where can I get fancy feed in Wexford/Kilkenny  Ballinabarney  

Chicken Specs  FLood K  

Managing the ground poultry are on  Declan McIntyre  

Stolen  Desy  

Pure bred light sussex hatching eggs wanted  Thechickenman  

Question/Help  Ballinabarney  

wanted dark indian game feamales only  slapstick3  

Broody Hen (Wanted)  AddoD  

Embden Ganders  decben  

peahen or peahen eggs  1eamon2  

Coonagh (Limerick) sale on Sunday 30th July  Mark R  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale  hazel321  

Hen house/coop  adrian r  

Second hand chicken coop for sale  KayKew  

Wanted pyle game  Johnmckearney  

Cavan  joez  

Dead hen  baphelan  

Sunday 16th july  Massey  

Crested Ducks  sultan at home  

Saxoney dreak  gerri  

LF buff sussex cockerel  Ray5  

ferret kits for sale  Iano2016  

geese  kevin g  

red breasted goose  mel  

Pekin hens, chicks and hatching eggs  PekinFowl  

Urgent Help Please  Norwegianfjord  

Week old Chicks / Hatching Eggs  Teggine  

Pkci show  rb123  

Vet In Dublin  Marty  

Grey partridge  Torsten Schulz  

Incubator Help  SF94  

Cayuga questions  RjD  

Turkey eggs wanted  gmccabe  

Bumble foot infection  Angelskeep  

Wanted Magpie call drake  andrew11046  

Portlaois the 23rd  Dylan99  

Quail WANTED  Dylan99  

Buff sussex cock wanted  Ray5  

Red Mite Concentrate  FLood K  

Laced wyandotte or french maran roosters  Hightownhens  

Laying bantam (Wanted)  AddoD  

Poultry feed  FLood K  

barryroe show  Poppy  

Black Australorp hens or hatching eggs  crempog  

Breeding 2017  Raph britton  

Hatching Eggs Wanted  Daireforan  

Athenry or Kildare??  k29  

Barbu danver  Nollcondon  

Laying hens  chris363  

Murderous broody muscovy  tank girl  

Keeping feed in with hens all the time or feeding at set times in the day?  Dinger100  

When is the next portlaoise sale and what are you bringing?  Eggempire