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Female rabbits and guinea pigs  suem  

Win a Borotto Lumia 8 Automatic Incubator. FREE.  Flock Master  

Gosford poultry sale  John333  

Orpington pullets  FLood K  

Pygmy Kids  Katiesocks10  

Any pekin hatching eggs, lemon, partrige or salmon? Postage  vmulvany  

Pilgrim Geese Goslings  Rob Pask  

Orpington pullets  FLood K  

Starting to Show  MissyFitzo  

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Brinsea 0va-easy incubator  zack  

Sale on Brinsea Ovation Incubators.  Flock Master  

Anyone know if Gort Fair tomorrow will have blue/green egg layers for sale?  EimearNi  

Its been four years since the reopening.  paddycrawford  

Gort Poultry SAle Sunday 18th  bernie321  

Donkey's in foal  Gracespoultry  

Pb pygmy kids male  Gracespoultry  

Californian white rabbits  Thelanecottage  

Buff laced wyandottes  John333  

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2018 Breeders Directory Updates  Flock Master  

Next bring and buy  Mc fadden  

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Missing 4 pet ducks  SaySoMeanSo  

Reseeding  Doctorsroomghost  

Sablepoots wanted all colours  Ballinabarney  

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Coonagh (Limerick) sale on Sunday 25th Feb 18  Mark R  

Kilgobnet, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford Bring & Buy Sale  Rosie J  

Feeling sad  shannon mist  

Pig farming  novice  

menalistic cock pheasant  noelforde  

Poultry Drinkers  christor  

Portlaoise  bernie321  

Hatching eggs from the UK  Angelskeep  

PCKI Spring Show Sunday February 25th  Oliver Flanagan  

Wanted. Cochins.  Niallobrien  

Coloured racing pigeons  Micheal o leary2  

Sex linked crosses  FLood K  

Portlaoise 11th of february  Fintan96  

Gosford  polishbantams  

Hatched april 2017  novice  

Wanted Black Brahma Roo  Ballinabarney  

Californian white rabbits  Thelanecottage  

Top Netting  RjD  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale on Sunday 25th February  hazel321  

7 month old male & female peafowls for sale (West Limerick)  Anna B.  

Sexing rabbits  Thelanecottage  

rabbit farming  mike lydon  

Breeding trios  Thelanecottage  

Looking for all types of poultry /Roscommon  Izzy  

Hatching eggs  Katiesocks10  

Reeves cock  Tj  

Pheasants from england  Tj  

Roscommon poultry sale 4th feb  Loftus  

Red Silkie Rooster Wanted  Rob H  

Fantails  Rob H  

Egg Carton Labels  MissyFitzo  

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Quality Cream legbar Cockerel.  FionnG  

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wanted, bantam light sussex pullet/hen  pearl  

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Poultry Transport Crates  Flock Master