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Free Barred Plymouth Rock and Buff Orpington cocks  Denslatt  

poultry  Mike O brien  

Irish game fowl  hyland  

Black copper maran rooster  gofer  

Gold laced barnevelder roo  Ballinabarney  

Patrickswell poultry sale (Limerick)  Smileyk  

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Mule wanted  blueboy  

Hatching eggs  mel  

Wanted Wyandotte pair/trio  Fintan96  

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ballinrobe  Virginia's fowl  

whos heading to elphin?  Virginia's fowl  

Mallard call duck  Nollcondon  

Contact details needed  Nollcondon  

Call ducks in Uk  Nollcondon  

Gosford  Nollcondon  

Unfair Treatment of Working Dog Owners at Birr Game Fair  Soulboy  

Glevum superior parafin game incubator  moonster3  

ballygarvan show  ryank  

Can not get rid of mites!  vmulvany  

Any shows in Munster area?  FionnG  

hybrid hen x purebred cock  vin1971  

Iverk today.  nama-man  

Cool wood  Nollcondon  

Poultry sales today/tomorrow Near Sligo/Leitrim  clarecormacfarmmullagmore  

Call ducks  Nollcondon  

gapeworm vs respiratory? and roosts  Massey590  

pine martins  Virginia's fowl  

Ballyforan show 24th of september  Virginia's fowl  


Ballinasloe agricultural show 1st of october  Virginia's fowl  

myshall  dave w  

Coonagh (Limerick) sale on this Sunday 28th Aug  Mark R  

Ivermectin withdrawal  christmasdiane  

incubator servicing  Virginia's fowl  

Japanese quail or hatching eggs wanted  Jim-d15  

Turkey  Declan Kane  

Thompsons  christor  

Rockcorry Poultry & Car Boot Sale  sultan at home  

Broody hen  Siipina  

Mandarin ducks HELP  Nollcondon  

Indian Runner X Aylesbury Ducks  OisinG2016  

moate show  Virginia's fowl  

my website  Williams poultry  

how to change your website on irish fowl???  Williams poultry  

Light Sussex Bantams Wanted  Frankie Mc Govern  

Gold laced Wyandotte roo wantes  Ballinabarney  

Pecking Order - how do I introduce new pullets to existing flock  KayKew  

Looking for someone to collect birds for me at portlaosie sale  Thechickenman  

2 Female Donkeys Wanted.  Flock Master  

Ex batts and fancies  Soineann  

Light Sussex trio  Alice Clarke  

What should I feed 7 week old turkey poults  eiremichaelpoultry  

Anyone from south heading to gosford  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

Poultry show  Izzieb  

Iverk show  Marilyn  

Pair of cockatiles wanted  Izzieb  

Elphin show  Izzieb  

Eggshells and yolk stuck to vent  Declan McIntyre  

British alpine puck  Tadhg  

Best poultry show in the west  Johnpeterson  

Advice wanted on weld mesh for outdoor run  KayKew  

Miniature Appleyard Ducks  steno  

poultry and pigeon feed  Smileyk  

bantams  Mike O brien  

sour crop help  Virginia's fowl  

hatching eggs  mel  

Portlaoise poultry sale 21st of august  Fintan96  

Collection of poultry and small animals 20/8/16  Jer