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Myshall  John Wemyss  

Bluebelle and/or Light Sussex PB Rooster(s) Wanted  VincentC  

Seabright Bantams  All about the girls  

Myshall poultry fair  Fionn193  

Swap Columbian Brahma  Bar  

WANTED blue merle Australian shepherd  Bar  

incubators make or buy  Bar  

Duck hatching eggs wanted  Fionn193  

Goat milking stand  paulburton  

Rhode Island Red bantam pullets/hens  paulburton  

SUZUKI JIMNY  firefox  

Bantam partridge Wyandotte  Stevoid  

Poultry wanted  eire  

Looking for a poultry courier/ someone on route to the area  Dj 3650  

Portlaoise  eithne hennessy  

Advice needed  Finefowl  

Gosford  Polish Bantams  

high humidity during incubation  Bronco  

Where are people selling Poultry  richj  

Call ducks  Gosford road poultry  

Myshall  Shane/ayda  

Silver Partridge Pekin  Fearnach  

Guinea Hens  Nelly hens  

Rabbits  aerdd  

Rat question  christmasdiane  

Polish  ccsteve  

Is myshall poultry sale on?  Fionn193  

Sick hens  Tom2247  

Mink think it is  Eddie 86  

Bring and buy  Mc fadden  

Ballykeenan Bring and Buy Sales end of August 2020  hazel321  

Larchill autumn bring and buy sale 22nd August  mbdlc  

LF Silver laced wyandotte  Cork Wyandotte  

3 silkie hens or similar very broody types.  Danzy  

Gundog  Woolly123  

2 cast iron baths  Eddie 86  

Ferreting Leitrim  nedzer  

Myshall 30th  Sussex123  

athenry sale  joshlea  

Blue laced Wyandotte  WayCon  

Sales  WinterRose  

layers pellets  Ballybeg4  


Wanted  Laurance Murphy  

Poultry wanted  eire  

gone to the dogs  Tadhg13  

Advice on pond for ducks  Bar  

Portlaoise  Euan  

The Unyoke sale Wexford  Deanoc12  

Clipping hens wings  AoifEoin  

Sales  Shane/ayda  

Anyone any ayam cemani going to portlaoise sale or myshall next ?  Macmanor  

Indian Game cockerals wanted  roostercroweburn  

Rabbits wanted  linmad  

Portlaoise  eithne hennessy  

Very sudden sick hen  James and Nellie  

Enquiry about Guinea Fowl Breed  addy  

wanted black orpingtons  conormchale01  

Speckled Sussex  Michael Sherman  

Silkie hens/pullets  Buppy86  

Broody hen  Mairead Aine  

White call ducks  DamienTaylor  

Rooster wanted  Buppy86  

Roscommon sale  Polish Bantams  

Embden Goslings  Bar  

Larchill autumn bring and buy sale 22nd August  mbdlc  

Ferrets for sale  Eddie 86  

Larchill autumn bring and buy sale 22nd August  mbdlc  

Barnvelder  Polish Bantams  

Where is Pearl?  Joseph lawler