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Wanted: Docile/Non-Agressive Rooster  Banshee Boss  

Looking for chicks, chick brooder, and small hen house  eire  

Sebright Rooster Wanted  Fancy Pigeon  

Hatching eggs wanted (in NI) or hybrid chicks  kslng  

Turkeys  Bonkersdan  

Organic Turkey starter or game bird feed????  Deisedad  

parson russell  Tadhg13  

Myshall poultry sale  Buff boy  

wanted urgently silver barnvelder rooster and a blue barnvelder rooster.  brahama  

Indian Blue Peacock  nm  

Brinsea Hatching Mats back in stock.  Flock Master  

Kildare Bring & Buy  Tonybeckwith  

Wanted  aidenb  

Large Silkies  ccsteve  

Game Eggs  lee  

Hatchery  Nicky82  

Silkie hen  Fintan96  

Clocking hens  Niall124  

Hatching eggs wanted  shcl21  

Bronze Turkey Hen  Mo Hens  

incubator problem  brahama  

Larchill national poultry sale  mbdlc  

Blue mottled rooster  mel  

Light sussex  Mc fadden  

Portlaoise  Euan  

Portlaoise - when in April?  Bea  

Baalmoral show  polishbantams  

Ferrets wanted  Eddie 86  

looking for dutch bantams  brahama  

Quail  Torsten Schulz  

Price please  Doctorsroomghost  

Organic growers pellets  Daflemingo7  

Dutch silver bantams  paddykk  

Are white pekins genetically silver?  Tw  

Light Sussex pullets  dboland  

Pheasants picking eggs  SF94  

Polish hens  ccsteve  

Guinea fowl  Perks  

Goldfinch,bullfinch,canary,mules wanted  Pekinsebright  

Going to Coolwood  Sean60  

Looking for chicks, chick brooder  eire  

Myshall Portlaoise  Mc fadden  

Brinsea Incubator heat problem  Tom Q  

How many people dry hatch?  Tw  

Laying  tippbirdman  

OEG LF wanted  Ghost Writer  

Coolwood  johnnyg  

Any way to stop my hens going broody?  Tw  

welsh pembroke corgi pups for sale  brahama  

wud anybody have a no. for darren gillespie that breeds bantams  brahama  

whats everybody bringing to roscomon on sunday  brahama  

Make an incubator  Doctorsroomghost  

Laying  tippbirdman  

Small scale VACCINATIONS  Marlen  

Opinions  Doctorsroomghost  

Looking for large Buff and gold Laced Brahma hens.  Tw  

Hatching eggs BLUE silkies  Marlen  

Support this website  FLood K  

Looking for day old chicks and guinea fowl and brooder House.  eire  

Day Old Chicks  Daireforan  

EU Red tape !!  nama-man  

Coonagh  rob101  

Normal price  Doctorsroomghost  

Incubator wanted  aidenb  

Eggs hatching  tippbirdman  

Looking for Dutch bantams  Sean60  

Brinsea 360  pat f  

Call Ducks  Tonybeckwith  

Golden Brahma  RjD  

The hatch  Doctorsroomghost